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Вы никогда не переживете 3005 год, и, пока вы Будете тонуть в океане, Я буду в своем космическом корабле, Самый живой из всех.

3005 (оригинал Scars On Broadway). 3005 (перевод Юлия Фельдшерова из Воронежа). Let's clap our hands, for the president.

C E7 Am and all the communication skills that are lost when we are dead. F E7 C You'll never survive, 3005, while you'll be sinkin' in the ocean.

Текст песни: Let's clap our hands For the president and Jesus Christ And did I mention Charlie Manson And everybody else who was nice?

"3005" (album version entitled "V. 3005") is a song by American rapper Childish Gambino from his second studio album Because the Internet. The song was released on October 22, 2013 as the first official single from the album.
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